Did You Know The Male Platypus Is Venomous?

Photo by Doug Gimesy

Well you learn something new everyday! As if these animals weren’t strange enough; a mammal that lays eggs, has webbed feet, a duck-bill glued to its face and as I’ve recently discovered, they have venom so powerful that not even morphine would help ease the pain. This makes the Platypus one of the most venomous mammals in the world (at this point, should these even be classified as mammals?) It’s like god had leftovers and decided to throw it altogether before going live, like a last-minute assignment due for class.

Did You Know The Male Platypus Is Venomous
A spur on the heel of the male platypus.
Photo via Wikipedia

You’d only really have to worry about being “spurred” by a Platypus during winter when they’re randy and looking to mate, these spurs and venom are designed to fight against other males when trying to get lucky.

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