Did You Know Cheetahs Also Have Pet Dogs?

Meet The Most Unusual Pairing Since Arnold and Danny Devito in Twins.


Did You Know Cheetahs Also Have Pet Dogs?

Cheetahs are so nervous and excitable that they are paired with dog buddies to help overcome their anxiety and be more at ease in their new surroundings (San Diego zoo in this case). When the Cheetah sees how relaxed and positive their canine companion is, it gives them that peace of mind that everything is fine and they’ll be alright too.

Did You Know Cheetahs Also Have Pet Dogs?

This is an amazing idea that actually originated at the San Diego Zoo in the early 1980’s and it’s quite astonishing to think that two animals that would never be friends in the wild seem to create such a strong and loving bond.

The same method is used for Wolves, it works a bit different as the dog companion is kind of like their pack leader, and wolves are geared to want to follow a pack leader.

More on this amazing initiative can be read here – https://zoonooz.sandiegozoo.org/zoonooz/year-of-the-dog/

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